Tips and Tricks about my MBA experience

Tools :: Hardware


A computer with two screens is very useful. It allows, for example, to read a page from the Internet and to write a document at the same time or to compare two Excel spreadsheets. A Phone headset is very useful and let your hands free.

An MP3 Player allows you to listen to podcasts (financial, technical…)



Having a good printer is very important as you will need to print out your reports and presentations. Don’t forget to always have rims of papers and cartridges/toners to refill your printer. There is nothing worst than running out of ink or toner when you have to give back a report in the following 5 hours.

Wii & Wii Fit

While studying you still need to stay in shape. A Wii Fit allows you to do some sports whenever you want and for your chosen duration. Wii also allows you to play some games that will.




Easily accessible, it may help you to do some quick calculations without turning on your computer (who said it would be turned off?) and launching calc or Excel. A scientific calculator with possibility to store formulas, will help you to be more efficient when you have to quickly resolve problems.



As mentionned in the printer paragraph, you should always ensure to have some supplies to work on, print and bind your reports:


  • Pens (important to take notes)
  • Highlighters (important when you read cases and books)
  • Post It (to mark the important pages of books)
  • Rims of papers
  • Ink cartridges/color
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