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Leadership: What is your influence style?

Very interesting quiz to define what kind of influencer you are between the following influence style:

– Persuading:

Persuading is a push style. You tend to use proposals and/or reasons to influence other people. This style encourages others to think, analyze, and join in rational dialogue. It brings facts to the foreground and encourages thoughtful consideration of this information. Persuading has a positive impact both during and after the influence attempt. By using logic, you set a tone and create a climate for rational treatment of the problem at hand. Persuading supports the systematic and logical implementation of next steps after the influence attempt.

– Asserting

Asserting is a push style. You tend to use personal need, evaluations and/or
incentives and pressures to influence other people. This style creates a forum
for the exchange of personal information — it is subjective, not objective.
Asserting encourages the target to see the personal benefits of working with
you. This style invites the target to bargain, to join in an exchange to meet
the needs of both parties. It has a positive impact both during and after the
influence attempt. Through exchange and bargaining, you set a tone and create a
climate in which both persons’ needs are legitimized. You and the target reach
short-term personal agreement on specific next steps.

– Bridging

Bridging is a pull style. You tend to involve others, reveal feelings, and/or
listen effectively to influence other people. This style can overcome people’s
fears and win their commitment to working with you. It encourages people to
collaborate. Bridging helps you develop a trusting climate in which others feel
free to reveal their concerns. You make them feel useful and valued as
contributors. Bridging includes effective listening and this builds a foundation
of mutual understanding that supports each step toward solving the problem. It
works to your benefit both during and after the influence attempt. By becoming
involved in reaching your objectives, targets are likely to develop an
investment in the outcome and make a long-term personal commitment to the

– Attracting

Attracting is a pull style. You tend to find alignment and build a vision to
influence other people. This style energizes and motivates people to achieve
mutual goals. When people identify with you, they are likely to rouse themselves
and align their energy with yours. When they are able to envision success, their
energy increases. They discover that what they cannot do alone, they can do
together. Attracting has a positive impact both during and after the influence
attempt. It establishes a climate of optimism that supports the pursuit of
long-term objectives. The details of implementation become less important than
the drive to resolve them.

– Disengaging/Avoiding

Not really an influence style. It helps to step back from an influence attempt
that has become
unproductive. Disengaging gives you personal space and time
to change the environment in a way that allows you to resume influencing the
other person in a more productive manner. You can then apply on of the four
influence style.

If you want to know your influence style, take the quizz:

A complete description of all the influence styles are available on the following website:


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