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Marketing :: Lead Process (from Contacts to Orders)

1. Contact: People who has seen/read about the company/product
2. Raw lead: People who responded to the company (online form, survey…)
3. Qualified Lead: Definite buying plan within a finite time frame
4.  Prospects: People who have been contacted, buying plan, consider company as a possible supplier
5. Order/Lost order
Of course, the number of people in each group increase.
For instance, for 100 Orders you may have 500 Lost Orders. These Orders (including Lost) are coming from 600 Prospects which are coming from 900 Qualified Leads which are coming from 3600 Raw Leads which are coming from 36000 Contacts.

Therefore, keep in mind that (in this example) you have toget awareness from 360 people to get an order!
This should help you to define your marketing strategy (advertising, exhibitions, brochure, video…)

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