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Note: I found this article on a french website. As I did not have so much time to translate it, I used a translation engine so sorry for the akward english but it will give you at least an idea of the exercise you can do in the office. 

Working in front of a computer does not mean that it is necessary to give up any physical activity. To develop the muscle or become supple while working, here are 10 exercises to realize discreetly in the office.
1. Legs parallel to the floor
It is one of the most discreet exercises which we can make in the work. You sit. Put hands on each side of your seat, shoulders and very straight back. By inspiring profoundly, lift your legs joined vertically then position them parallel to the ground. Keep the posture 5 in 10 seconds by blocking your breath. Then, return to the position of departure by folding legs and by expiring for a long time.
Rest some seconds then begin again the exercise about ten times. It allows you to develop the muscle gently of your legs and of your abdominal muscles.
2. On your tiptoes
As soon as you can stand during your work (phone call to be given, break in front of the coffee machine), take advantage of this time to strengthen your calfs. Bring in the stomach, stretch the your whole body and put yourselves in extension on tiptoe, during about ten seconds. By repeating this exercise several times following, your calfs will become firmer and more strong.

3. Straight Arms

To soften your arms, your shoulders and avoid future troubles of back, here is an ideal exercise. Sat on your seat, straight bust, raise your arms over your head, interlocked fingers, palms towards the ceiling. Inspire and expire in growing on palms as if you want to touch the ceiling approximately 5 seconds. Then, bend over the right-hand side during 5 seconds and relax. Keep the immovable pond, only the bust has to move. Make the same thing on the other side. Repeat this series of movements about ten times. This exercise has to help you to be less wrinkled during your future “true” sporting sessions and allows to stretch muscles down from the body.
4. The heightened feet

You are sat on your seat, with hands on each side of the chair, the shoulders and back very straight. Raise both legs of 5 centimeters. Hold during 10 seconds by contracting your abdominal muscles then relax. Repeat this exercise about ten times. Your abdominal belt will go out of it strengthened, quite as your thighs.

5. Barbells in hands
On your workplace, a bottle of water can be of use to two things: to hydrate you first of all (very important so that your body supports a physical effort and to develop your muscles. 
How? Very simple: when you read a newspaper or a file on your computer, do not hesitate to carry your bottle of water as if it was one barbell. You will so strengthen your muscles and triceps.
6. The arm which pushes the wall
Here is an exercise which can be practised during a phone conversation or in the coffee machine… Standing up, back very straight, stretch out your arm aligned with your shoulders and put your hand against the wall. Cross your legs as close as possible to the wall, then, without keeping your shoulders aligned, tilt your body towards the wall by folding slowly your arm. Stand up in stretching out again your arm. Repeat the exercise 5 times for each arm.
7. Ankles
Sat to your desk, cross your legs and describe a circle with the tip of right foot, ten times in a clockwise, then change foot.  During the exercise, keep your back very straight. Think of bringing in your stomach and of going(taking) up the breast. This movement allows to strengthen ankles and to activate the blood circulation in your legs.
8. Glutei
Sat on your seat, keep your back straight. Tighten buttocks one after the other, or both together if you have some difficulties alternating. Contract strongly during 5 in 10 seconds, then relax.  
9. Raised knee
In front of your computer, sat, your back straight, and the elbows on the table.  
While expiring, contract your abdominal muscles while raising a knee under the table, then relax while inspiring. 
Alternate with the other leg and repeat this exercise about ten times. This will reinforce your your thighs.
10. Softenings
Even if they are not very sportsmen, here is some exercises which will avoid you bloquages of the neck, the pains in the vertebral column…
– Sat, hands on hips, move closer to elbows towards the back while breathing profoundly. To reproduce several times in a row.
– On your seat, press hands on your thighs, while stretching you the vertebral column, as if you tried to stretch out. Make this exercise 5 times.
– To make work your cervical, go to touch your shoulder with the right ear while pushing the left hand towards the ground. Reproduce this movement on the other side, and repeat the exercise 5 times.
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