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Google has just released a new experiment that is names PlusOne and that aim at competing with Facebook’s like button. Once the experiment has been activated, users will be able to +1 websites searches. I assume that this experiment will be extended to all Google Products such as Youtube.

In order to get a better understanding of PlusOne, check the introductory video below as well as the quick step by step guide I wrote to activate it.

1. Get a Google profile if you don’t already have one.

2. Enable the +1 experiment on Google Experimental

3. Go on Google and search for mbatricks for instance. On the right of the result, you will find a new blue button +1.

4. Click on it! and you have just made your very first PlusOne 🙂

Here are some drawbacks that I foresee for this app though:
1. You need a Google Profile
2. How can you +1 if you are visiting the site. In other words, after you search you will visit the proposed result. Once you are on the site, the only way of +1 is to come back to the search result and score it (Facebook Like button is most of the time embedded in the page of the website).
3. +1 are public. No way to hide them from the whole world

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