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12 Ways to Become a Recognized Expert

An interesting article on how to improve your knowledge of your industry and be recognized as an expert.

In a nutshell:

1. Learn about what’s important in your industry today and become current
2. Note the advertisements
3. Write an article and submit it for publication in one of the industry magazines
4. Create a website and a blog
5. Create podcasts (video or audio) based on your blog entries
6. Offer to speak at a local college
7. Offer a local club, association, or service organization programming chair the opportunity to have you speak on a relevant subject both at no charge.
8. Run your own seminar
9. Become a corporate speaker
10. Send out media releases to the local press
11. Join a national trade organization for your industry and offer to write a monthly column on interesting aspects of the industry for the organization’s newsletter or magazine
12. If you can afford it, give a seminar at your industry’s national trade show

The full article can be found here

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