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As you may know, we all have different learning styles. In order to cover them all in a letter/document/training material, the following 4 points should be developed, as explained in the blog cited below:

“Why” learners
“Why” learners wants to know why they should care – why they should be learning this, why it is important, why focus on it now. So start your explanation with this.
“What” learners
“What” learners want the facts without a lot of fluff. Give them an outline, documentation, or step-by-step processes. They like working with people who come to the conversation prepared, so having an agenda is useful. The bottom line for them is “What do I need to know?”
“How does it work” learners
“How” learners need to see the relationship between what they are learning and the big picture. They want to see the relationships and connections with between the new information and what they already know. Give them context and show how what you are teaching them is similar to something they already understand or know how to do.
“What if” learners
“What if” learners will want to discuss the alternatives with you. They’ll ask questions about why it is done the way you outline and whether another way is better. They need to understand the boundaries and the issues that were considered in making the decision to do it this way. They can be a little frustrating to teach because they seem to veer into unrelated areas and have a hard time staying on topic. But this is how they learn. You need to allow them to ask a few questions and let them roll around the possibilities in their heads. They may give you some creative ideas you never would have thought of.

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Communication :: Godwin’s Law


As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.


Godwin’s Law is an internet adage / behavioral observation that was first coined by Mike Godwin in 1990. This so-called law refers to one of the earliest bits of Usenet customs, which goes “if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis within a discussion thread, you’ve automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in.”


Godwin’s Law is often cited in online discussions as a deterrent against the use of arguments in the widespread reductio ad Hitlerum form. The rule does not make any statement about whether any particular reference or comparison to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis might be appropriate, but only asserts that the likelihood of such a reference or comparison arising increases as the discussion progresses. It is precisely because such a comparison or reference may sometimes be appropriate, Godwin has argued, that overuse of Nazi and Hitler comparisons should be avoided, because it robs the valid comparisons of their impact.



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Other :: Motivation Video


“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived”

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