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Digiday managed to get a copy of the presentation slides that were used in 2004 by Eduardo Saverin to sell ads on Facebook (thefacebook at that time). An interesting presentation about the foreseen future of Facebook and about its real core business.

More information on


As a young entrepreneur, how would you have pitched them?

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Entrepreunership :: The Perfect Business Plan

Here is a pretty nice article that summarises very well the topcis that should be covered in a business plan:

In a nutshell:

1. Executive Summary

2. Mission Statement

3. The Marketplace

4. Marketing and Sales Strategy

5. Products & Services

6. Financial Projections

7. Management & Personnel

8. People Management

9. Suppliers

10. Operational Controls

11. Other Information

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Some interesting entrepreneurship information from the founder of Wikipedia. Launched in 2001, Wikipedia, with its 13 million articles in 200 languages, is now described as a better source of information than the Britannica encyclopedia.



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