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Some Free Management Training

Open Learning World is proposing some free online courses about Management topics such as Finance, Marketing, HR…

No registration is required and all courses are entirely free ! A very good resources when you want to refresh your knowledge.

More information and courses are available at Open Learning World

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Trend :: 7 Billion, Are you typical?

A very interesting video from National Geographic that gives a lot of information and figures about the world population.

More information on

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The new MBATricks is online!

After a couple of years on Blogger, I have decided to migrate this blog to a more open platform.

Amongst the myriad of blogging tools on the market, I chose WordPress for its flexibility and extensibility and easiness.


After several hours of work on this brand new blog, I am glad to announce that:

1) the migration went well,

2) no content was lost during the migration (even the less interesting one… sorry)

3) and last but not least, that the brand new is online!


I hope that you will enjoy its new design and all the new Web 2.0 features (I am not the one late… Blogger was ^_^) I added to this blog. More will come in the coming weeks.

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