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Strategy :: WIGs and PIGs

I was reading one internal document and discovered two new acronyms that I have never seen before : WIGs and PIGs.

After browsing the Internet I discovered that they stand for Wildly Important Goals and Pretty Important Goals and can be defined as such:

  • Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) are the three to four critical goals that must be achieved to execute a strategy.
  • Pretty Important Goals (PIGs)  are all the other goals that are in support of the WIGs.


These concepts come from Stephen R. Covey’s 4 disciplines of Execution that are:

  1. Focus on the Wildly Important (Goals)
  2. Create a Compelling Scoreboard
  3. Translate Lofty Goals into Specific Actions
  4. Hold Each Other Accountable – All the Time


These discipline are meant to help you not only to plan, but also to execute with excellence your strategy. Here are one good video that present you the book and its concepts:




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One of the core text about crises that any growing organizations and companies will have to survive. Even if dated from 1972, this text is still so accurate.


Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow


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Strategy :: Porter’s Value Chain – Powerpoint Template

Porter Value Chain Template

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