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Google has just released a new experiment that is names PlusOne and that aim at competing with Facebook’s like button. Once the experiment has been activated, users will be able to +1 websites searches. I assume that this experiment will be extended to all Google Products such as Youtube.

In order to get a better understanding of PlusOne, check the introductory video below as well as the quick step by step guide I wrote to activate it.

1. Get a Google profile if you don’t already have one.

2. Enable the +1 experiment on Google Experimental

3. Go on Google and search for mbatricks for instance. On the right of the result, you will find a new blue button +1.

4. Click on it! and you have just made your very first PlusOne 🙂

Here are some drawbacks that I foresee for this app though:
1. You need a Google Profile
2. How can you +1 if you are visiting the site. In other words, after you search you will visit the proposed result. Once you are on the site, the only way of +1 is to come back to the search result and score it (Facebook Like button is most of the time embedded in the page of the website).
3. +1 are public. No way to hide them from the whole world

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Marketing :: Facebakers have Facebook’s Stats


image is a portal run by Candytech to deliver up-to-date data and statistics about Facebook – including Facebook statistics of users by countries, top Facebook Page data, and top Facebook Applications data. We love baking things for Facebook, and the portal is a way of showing this.


While most of the world is freaked out by the data gathered by Facebook, some other are eager to put their hands on these data and exploit them. Facebakers is a web site that is sharing some of the Facebook statistics such as the number of users by countries, the pages with the biggest numbers of fans or the most active applications.


I checked some of their data (see below) and found interesting that the top brands on Facebook did not match the top brands from other rankings (ranking such as Brandz or interbrand)


Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Skittles, Oreo and Red bull… vs. Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Coca-Cola (Brandz) or vs. Coca-cola, IBM, Microsoft, GE, and Nokia (Interbrand). Are Facebook users are more into food and beverage than technology?



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